Tracy Meyers

About Tracy

Hello, I'm Tracy Meyers (Hecker) and I have been making hair beautiful for over 25 years. I work at Encore Hair Studio. Encore is the best salon in the South Bay and I guarantee you will love the experience and atmosphere at Encore. It is close to all of the beach cities (Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach) and is conveniently located at the bottom of the Palos Verdes peninsula.


I am a professional hair stylist with lots of experience that has served the South Bay area for many wonderful years. I strive to keep up with the latest hair and fashion trends and am continually seeking advanced training classes in every service that I offer. I have trained with some of the top stylists for the stars. I have trained throughout northern and southern California (San Diego, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco to name a few). I absolutely love hair dressing! My ultimate goal is to use the most advanced hair techniques to give you an overall stunning appearance. I am a true professional when it comes to your hair! I really want you to love your hair!

Encore Hair Studio

24262 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, California 90505
(310) 374-0614
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  • 1 I have what you can correctly call 'problem hair'. There just isn't a whole lot of it and it is very fine. In spite of this, Tracy manages to work magic with what she has to work. Not only is my color perfect but her haircut allows me to fluff it out to make it look fuller. Wouldn't know what to do without Tracy.
    - Karen
  • 2 Tracy has been doing my hair for the last 10 years, and I can't imagine ever letting someone else touch my hair! I have hair extensions, and Tracy has always kept up on the latest, greatest AND healthiest way to attach them. She perfectly matches my hair extensions to my own hair, and she is amazing with color! She blends my hair to the extension hair, and you can't even tell. People tell me all the time they love my hair, and they never ask if it is real...because it looks SO natural. I absolutely love my hair, and so does my boyfriend!
    - Kellie
  • 3If you want great looking hair, Tracy Meyers is the woman to see. Tracy has been doing my hair for 15+ years and I trust her implicitly. Tracy is amazing with color and is always up to date on new styles and techniques. You will walk out of the salon looking and feeling beautiful…and like you’ve met a new friend!
    - Michelle
  • 4I have been going to Tracy for the past 10 years. She colors, styles and cuts my hair. I must say I am very pleased. She mixes the color just for me and adjusts the color when the color needs to be changed. The cut is perfect. She makes sure the sides are even and layered just right to give that special look I like. I am delighted with the result. Tracy is fantastic, easy going and lovely to talk to. I would highly recommend Tracy and have referred her to my friends.
    - Virginia